Figures published by Leeds council highlight that Leeds is one of the top 3 fastest growing cities with 6000 SME businesses creating £64.6 billion local economy. My goal as a Leeds based freelance SEO consultant, is to help you grow your share of that success.

Whether you’re in the financial services, retail, leisure, construction, manufacturing or one of the many other leading market sectors in Leeds, an effective SEO strategy is one of the most cost effective and measurable routes to long term and sustainable business growth.

Freelance SEO services that build businesses

Leeds businesses should dhoose MR.SEO (Mark Rushworth) to help you grow your business. Freelance SEO consultancy costs a fraction of big agency fees and you’re getting big SEO agency experience at a more personal level. Heres just some of the reasons to invest in SEO:

SEO for lead and revenue growth

At the core of an organic SEO campaign is the development of long term, sustainable business growth through increases in Leads and revenue. Competitor Analysis helps identify gaps in your strategy. This then forms a plan around the 3 core pillars of SEO: Technical SEO, content and outreach designed to help you compete effectively.

SEO for brand awareness

Identifying new content and digital PR oportunities helps you to grow further. By introducing your brand to customers higher in their purchase journey, when they’re ready to buy, they already know and trust your brand.

SEO for reputation management

Online reviews help customers to trust your brand. These appear in the organic search results and the associated trust-marks can be featured prominently on your website. Good reviews should be thanked, bad reviews engaged with and issues resolved to show you are actively invested in delivering great products and services.

Go hyper local SEO for trades and services

Local SEO can help businesses in Leeds that provide services in-store or have a local focus on physical services. This is achieved through Google My Business account optimisation and local link building.

Go Global with International SEO

Take your business to the next level with international SEO opening the door to markets worldwide. Combine SEO keyword research and technical site changes with translated content and pricing to attract a whole new type of customer.