Jobs – WordPress Web Developer Wanted in North Leeds

Blue Logic Digital a small digital marketing agency in Thorner, North Leeds is looking for a WordPress web developer to join their ranks.

Salary is negotiable based on experience however all applicants should have some commercial experience in building WordPress websites backed up by a portfolio of examples.

The Role:

You will be joining a small team of experienced PHP developers and work both independently on projects and in collaboration to help move troublesome projects along. As a wordpress web developer

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EE Osprey 4G MiFi Review

If you’ve been reading my blog then you know that I recently moved into a new build house. Despite having broadband on order and due for an installation only days after moving in due to infrastructure issues on the site i still don’t have any internet connection three months later. This has lead to desperate action. I’ve been researching different ways to provide WIFI throughout the house and narrowed it down to the following:

  • Tethering using an existing mobile phone – I already get unlimited mobile data through my Three contract however tethering is not included in my plan. Three do provide tethering as an add on however the allowance is tiny and I’m not sure how many devices can be hooked up at any one time
  • Buying a PAYG phone with a tethering facility – I’ve looked into buying a second phone on a pay as you go contract with tethering and a decent data allowance. There aren’t any!
  • Buying a 3/4G dongle – My original idea was to buy a 4G dongle and set up internet sharing across this single connection. This is feasible but 4G dongles don’t really like multiple streams of data which means multiple users would make this slow.

With no great solution in place I all but despaired

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SEO News Recap Dec 2014

So we’re putting together our SEO reports for December back at the Blue Logic Digital office and i thought it would be a great idea to post these recaps each month on my blog. So here it is, an SEO news recap for December 2014:

Details of Google’s Imminent Panda Algorithm Update Leaked

The industry is awash with details of a new major update to Google’s content algorithm codenamed Panda 4. Using data taken from new patents, webinars and blog posts, this update further tightens the scope of what Google will deem a relevant and worthwhile page and

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Why Your Panda Recovery Isn’t Going Great

It concerns me that there seems to be a lot of companies who are still having problems with Google Panda and Penguin penalties. As it’s almost two years since this phenomena was started I have put together this quick guide to highlight some of the lingering issues caused in particular by the rolling Google Panda update and provided a solution to help businesses get beyond the issue as quickly as possible.

If you know what Google Panda is skip this next section.

What is Google Panda

Google panda is the name given

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Technorati Top 100 Resurrected

Over the past 10 years Technorati had compiled and maintained an excellent list of the top websites in the world. A few months ago they deleted this section which has resulted in the loss of a massive resource for the digital marketing & SEO community. In an effort to make sure all of their great work isn’t lost to the world I’ve decided to use to resurrect the Technorati top 100 directory listing.

Over time i will complete the task of resurrecting all of the other categories

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Buying the Harron Homes Tiverton – Review

This post is going to be amended as we progress through buying our Tiverton/Windsor from Harron Homes. For the record this is the first time I’ve moved home, having bought my current house 15 years ago straight out of university. Needless to say a lot has changed.

Disclaimer: Apart from my buying a new build home from Harron Homes I am in no way affiliated with their marketing. This is my personal experience and thoughts of the buying process and not part of some SEO campaign (tho I’d

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A day in the life of an SEO

If you’re interested in what we do in the Digital Marketing team on a daily basis i thought i’d provide some insight by documenting my day.

6:00 Wake up. Shuffle into the home office and start reading the SEO and web design news from the States.

7:00 S.S&S. (Shit Shower & Shave)

7:30 Iron clothes. Quick tidy round. Set off for work.

8:30 Arrive at work. Put kettle on

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List of JQuery material design elements

I predict that there’s going to be a rush on JQuery elements around the interactivity described in Google’s Material Design ethos. This page contains a running list of Javascript effects and tools needed to replicate the elements shown in Google’s design framework.

Button Feedback

Part of the Material Design ethos involves adding a ripple effect or ‘ping’ to buttons. MIT has just published a JQuery demo that shows this effect to its fullest.

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Another element

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android l roboto font

Get Android L features on your phone today

Update: Added Heads Up, ART, Ring Tones

There’s no doubt about it that Android L and Google’s new ‘Material Design’ ethos is the most exciting thing to happen over the past few weeks.

If you’ve got a Nexus phone or tablet PC and you want all of the Android L features available then you can simply download the developer preview to start your transformation. But if you’ve bought another brand and haven’t rooted  your phone then things are not so easy.


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ok google

OK Google now works from any screen even when your phone is locked

As with several other things this amazing update for android just missed the release at Google’s latest I/O event and its one thing i’ve been waiting for Android to include as stock after the Motorola X phone was launched a year or so ago. You might be wondering what I’m prattling on about and it’s something that is set to change SEO (my day job) and keyword research and this game change is…. OK Google now works on any screen and within any app, even when your mobile

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