List of JQuery material design elements

I predict that there’s going to be a rush on JQuery elements around the interactivity described in Google’s Material Design ethos. This page contains a running list of Javascript effects and tools needed to replicate the elements shown in Google’s design framework.

Button Feedback

Part of the Material Design ethos involves adding a ripple effect or ‘ping’ to buttons. MIT has just published a JQuery demo that shows this effect to its fullest.

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Another element of Material Design includes hamburger menu icons that change to reflect their changing nature. I’ve found a great resource on codepen that shows a variety of options for this depending on use.

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android l roboto font

Get Android L features on your phone today

Update: Added Heads Up, ART, Ring Tones

There’s no doubt about it that Android L and Google’s new ‘Material Design’ ethos is the most exciting thing to happen over the past few weeks.

If you’ve got a Nexus phone or tablet PC and you want all of the Android L features available then you can simply download the developer preview to start your transformation. But if you’ve bought another brand and haven’t rooted  your phone then things are not so easy.

Lucky for you I’ve decided to put together a running list of available updates that should work on most Android phones so here’s my list of universal updates for Android L:

Performance updates using ART


In Android L Google has changed the main engine of the phone from Dalvik to ART which promises all sorts of speed boosts to help keep your phone in tip top shape. Unfortunately for me using my LG G2 (802) this doesn’t work for me.

To switch your phones engine go to Settings > About phone.Tap on the panel labelled Build number seven times to put your phone into developer mode.. Now in Settings > Developer options press on Select Runtime and switch to ART. 

Android L Keyboard and Roboto System Font

android l keyboard

There is a downloadable version of Android L’s keyboard available right now on the official Google Play store. Its easy to install (just like a standard app) and my first hand experience with it is that its smooth, fast and accurate!

Get it here

Android L Wallpapers

Getting the Android L wallpapers is also easy

Get them here

Heads Up

Heads Up is a new notification feature for Android L. Its a bit hard to explain what it does so hopefully the video above will give you what you need.

Get It FREE Here

Ringtones & System Sounds

Want the new Android L ringtones, notifications and system sounds? Here’s a MEGA dump of them all:

Get them here

Whats Missing?

Although theres already a system dump of Android L’s elements on XDA theyre not really designed to go on other platforms other than Nexus so for now we’ll have to wait for goodies like system buttons, dialer, contacts and other goodies showcased at the I/O event.

ok google

OK Google now works from any screen even when your phone is locked

As with several other things this amazing update for android just missed the release at Google’s latest I/O event and its one thing i’ve been waiting for Android to include as stock after the Motorola X phone was launched a year or so ago. You might be wondering what I’m prattling on about and it’s something that is set to change SEO (my day job) and keyword research and this game change is…. OK Google now works on any screen and within any app, even when your mobile phone is locked.

Why is this such a game changer?

A year ago Google ramped up its natural language processing extending typed searches which usually consisted of the shortest possible combination of words i.e. “web design Leeds” to a more spoken style of search triggered by voice search i.e. “show me the best web design companies in Leeds’. The inclusion of “Always Listening” which is what this technology is called means that natural language searches are sure to take off in a big way.

What does this mean for SEO?

For now it doesn’t mean very much. Sure you can revisit your keywords and attempt to identify nuances in natural language patterns for things like Title Tag revision however remember Google’s technology is trying to turn a spoken sentence back into a succinct search.

However you think about it OK Google being an always listening function of your phone is going to change how you use it. No more fiddling with phones while sat at traffic lights hurray!

material design

Android L & Material Design Just Made App UI/UX Easy

Announced at today’s I/O conference was a full and stunningly detailed guide to designing cross platform apps for next generation mobile, tablet and desktop PC which Google calls Android L. I have to say that I’m completely blown away by it.

Even taken as purely a guide to the why’s of design its inspirational touching on a full graphical communication and interaction strategy. Add to this information on layout, typography, animation and what you’ve got is a takeaway set of tools and wire frames that will enable any designer to build immerse and consistent designs for almost any purpose.

The Spec document is a work of art. Kudos to who ever put it together because its huge, incredibly detailed and full of the do’s and don’t of designing for Android L.


So what does this mean for mobile app designers?

Go home you’re done!




No seriously, even with all of these tools at your disposal applying them in the right way means you’re still in business. An of course there’s going to be a lot of mavericks who rebel against such stringent guidelines and continue to break all of the rules when they design. But for those of you who concentrate on productivity and access of information there’s no doubt that this guide will be an invaluable resource. Lets just hope you don’t pitch against agencies presenting identical solutions because of this!

content marketing

Content Marketing strategies that go beyond calendar events

Content Marketing is fast becoming a cornerstone of a traditional SEO campaign and there are plenty of ways of approaching the subject that have been covered exhaustively before however one thing remains elusive to many content marketing n00bs and that’s how to design and plan an effective marketing calendar.

Sure, you can look through Wikipedia’s data pages and find local and national holidays and events… you might even get some help from a client who is attending trade shows and (although its never happened to me) is proactive in suggesting topical content you’re probably still struggling with finding a topic of discussion that’s timely and relevant.

Here’s how we construct a campaign around our clients subject that not only forms the basis of a Content Marketing strategy, but also goes beyond simple outreach and in-bound marketing (blogging) and extends throughout social media and provide a a framework for effective media. The concept is simple and once you see if you’ll kick yourself… we promise.

Our killer technique is…









The tactic is simple. Use Google Trends to revisit your keyword selection and highlight areas of peak seasonality. Now you can work a month ahead and create compelling content that is actually favored by your clients customers at the time they’re reading it. This has an advantage over using Google Analytics to identify when a page is popular as this can be affected by its visibility on your website, reducing in impact the further away from the home page it appears.

What’s more the more campaigns you work across and the more combined your trend information becomes the more intelligent you can be at working out where synergy occurs. For example working across the financial section and having access to holiday data you can tailor savings promotions to feature holiday motivations when users are starting to think about booking holidays.

To speed your content marketing strategy along I’ve attached an outline of our in-house events calendar.


Web design jobs

Web Design Jobs Leeds

Want more money? Want the time to produce great work? Looking for a change of pace? Want to be supported by team members and management?

We’re always looking for talented graphic/web designers so why not apply for our latest web design job today?

The job

Based in Thorner (north Leeds) Blue Logic Digital ( are looking for highly creative graphic designers to join our web design team. Working with a junior designer you will be responsible for creating beautiful websites, mobile apps and brochures for our clients. Job applicants should be proficient in Photoshop and Illustrator with knowledge of InDesign an advantage.

About Blue Logic Digital

We are a small but passionate team of highly talented professionals that design, build and market websites, apps, e-commerce stores and social media campaigns for our clients. Working for brands including Morrisons, Country Baskets, The Prince of Wales Hospice and many local businesses we pride ourselves on delivering the right product for each brief.

Part of a larger group our team receives great fringe benefits from medical, pensions and gym membership through to flexible working times and paid overtime (which until I started working here I’ve never encountered before in an agency).

Apply for the job

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php jobs

PHP Jobs Leeds

Are you fed up with your current job? Do you need a change of scene and/or pace? Looking to settle down and earn what you know you’re worth? Need to be supported by your management team? Want to work on interesting projects for some great brands?

We’re always looking for new talented team members. Why not apply for our PHP developer job today!

The Job

Blue Logic Digital (, an up and coming digital marketing agency based in Thorner (north Leeds) are looking for a PHP developer to join the team. Applicants should be proficient in PHP and MySQL with experience of WordPress, Magento and Drupal an advantage.

About Blue Logic Digital

Recently rebranded, Blue Logic Digital design, create and market websites and mobile apps. We work for brands including Morrisons, Country Baskets, The Prince of Wales Hospice and many smaller local businesses. We currently have a team of two PHP developers and are looking to grow the team.

Part of a larger group of companies, working at Blue Logic Digital has many advantages. From a thriving social scene and sensible working hours with paid overtime, healthcare and gym membership through to a great working environment with an enthusiastic team we provide training and support designed to improve your status within a fast growing business.

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windows 8.1 update

Download Aprils Windows 8.1 Update Early

The latest round of updates to Microsoft Windows 8.1 have been leaked online. These updates augment the previous Windows 8.1 update adding search into the live tile (metro) view and making it easier to turn off the machine amongst a host of other tweaks and changes designed to tailor the experience of mouse or touchscreen users.

These updates have to be installed in a particular order:

  • KB2919442
  • KB2919355
  • KB2932046
  • KB2937592

A full gallery of the updates can be viewed here.

New adwords ui

Goodbye Yellow Box – New Adwords Design Hides Paid Ads

Found by Jack, our newest member of the Blue Logic Digital team, the following screenshot compares the standard Adwords viability with a new design that hides paid adds so they’re the same style and format as the organic listings with only a micro format style snippet distinguishing between the two.

New Adwords Results

My thoughts are i don’t like it. It makes the organic listings way too wordy and with no link underlines is surely bad for visibility.


Blue Logic Digital Buys Coolpink

At the newly rebranded Blue Logic Digital we’ve been keeping a lid on it for the past few weeks but thanks to an entry in Prolific North we’ve finally been outed as having bought the brand and assets of our neighboring digital agency Coolpink who went into administration early in January.

Back in 1998 when I founded New Media Designs, a small digital studio based in Halifax we used to run into the Coolpink guys all of the time and seemed to constantly be pitching against and winning work from each other. Back in the day they were definitely one to beat and we couldn’t see this brand disappear from the landscape.

I won’t speculate on the reasons behind Coolpinks demise and when we bought the assets there were no staff and basically a client base that were hung out to dry. Oo our first course of action is to gallantly come to the rescue of these businesses and ensure their online presences continue.

So what are our plans for Coolpink? To be honest we don’t know right now. There’s a lot of goodwill in the brand and i’m sure that’s worth a lot but for the mean time we’re sitting tight and working on our own plans for 2014.

If you were a Coolpink customer then why not visit Blue Logic Digital? You’ll see many familiar faces and since we’re next door to the old Coolpink offices we’re easy to find.

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