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Google Pixel 2 XL Will Not Use eSim Says EE


Will the Google Pixel 2 XL use Google new eSim technology? Find out this and more in another great instalment of Mark talks tech #lol. So I’m expecting delivery of my shiny new panda stylee Google Pixel 2 XL on the 15th of November having got 20% off my tariff using an NHS discount code. This leaves my contract at £54 per month with £9.99 deposit on the phone… and I get a free Google...

Search Console Impressions Better Than Keyword Planner Says Google’s John Mueller


I’ve got a new SEO project starting and as part of my standard set up i gather data from loads of different sources (including PPC) and create a groovy pivot table that highlights where opportunities and quick wins exist. When visiting Google Search Console to identify organic keywords that have been clicked in the past 90 days  a colleague (Hi Kim!) asked why i was including impressions. I...

Get the Best Samsung Note 8 Deal & Save 30% Off Your Contract


Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post. My 2 years are up and i’m now looking to upgrade my phone from the trusty old Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ to something shiny and new. One such contender is the Samsung Note 8 which is another large screen phone with a beautiful high resolution, high contrast IPS screen and a good camera. Researching new phone contract deals are always a time consuming...

.help TLD Domain Name Registrations are a SCAM!

TL;DR new .help TLD domain names are a fucking scam! I buy domains and hosting from Heart Internet and for the past 10 years they’ve delivered a pretty good service allowing me unlimited domains, bandwidth and hosting for a fixed monthly fee From time to time I indulge a flight of fancy and register domains with a view to publishing various side projects usually as an exploration into a...

Zero Following on Twitter

zero twitter followers

If you’ve been following my antics for the past 18 years you may remember a post back in 2012 titled HOW TO BUILD OVER 12000 FOLLOWERS FOR FREE AND WHY YOU SHOULDN’T DO THIS. Needless to say during this insane period i actually got to 70k followers which pretty much made Twitter useless. Pro tip for large account owners – make use of Twitter Lists or mass muting using tools like...

Using Analytics/Google Search Console to Bring Back Keywords & Landing Page Data


Back in the day life was good. Old school Google allowed us to know which keywords were responsible for driving traffic to our website and even let us know to which pages ranked. This made creating and optimising content really easy. With the advent of Google’s move to HTTPS, obfuscated URLs, LSI, Hummingbird and synonym matching the ability to effectively identify the exact keywords responsible...

A Lad and His Dad

a lad and his dad

Back in January my Son Flynn Alexander was born. As with all new parents i was wholly unprepared for his arrival and the subsequent 9 months of him dominating our lives. To document his development and hopefully provide insights for other soon-to be or existing parents i’ve started putting together a new website called A Lad and His Dad where you can all poke fun at our bumbling. To start...

Your Web Design Agency Doesn’t Know SEO – Despite What They Say!


I’ve worked for/with a lot of digital agencies over the past 16 years and one thing I’ve learned from this and working with 3rd party web developers on accounts that were developed in-house or by a different agency is that web designers and developers simply don’t know SEO. The reason for this post is really to highlight what may be in your contract and where you can arguably...

Google’s Official SEO Ranking Factors Exposed


In an effort to stay out of the black, move away from the grey and stick to white hat SEO, I’ve put together a list of ‘official’ Google SEO ranking factors for 2016. Each ‘official’ ranking factor is backed by either commentary or patents registered with Google and reflects only techniques known to deliver a positive effect. This research covers both the hard and...

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