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Swarovski Rip Off


The prices listed in Swarovski’s online shop for an item I intended to purchase is a full £5 more expensive than if I walked into one of their high street stores. Now I wouldn’t normally be phased by this but doing some research on Froogle, Kelkoo and other price comparison websites shows that recently Swarovski’s prices were at the lower price which makes me think, has...

CRT Vs TFT Monitors


I’ve recently upgraded to a dual monitor system which combines both a CRT and TFT monitor. Ive done this, not as a financial decision, but because both types of monitors display images very differently and as a web designer it pays to be able to see a project from your customers point of view, whatever technology they’re using. I should really calibrate both monitors using some...

Sneaker Pimps

S Heres some simply stunning "sneaker art" from artist Dave White. Its simply amazing… i love the tonal backgrounds and sharp contrasting accent which demonstrates a really stylish sense of colour. I’m also attracted by the abstract nature in which these images are painted – Nike should definitely do something...

Image Labeler the Google Image Tag Game


Google have created a new online game called Google Imager. This game pits you against another random contestant giving images keywords. Its a good game, quick to play and rewarding, tho i suspect many other people playing are a little slow witted as they take AGES to add in their terms and pass on some really easy images without trying. Why would Google invest the time, bandwidth and money in...

CSS – Center Unordered List UL/LI Based Menu


Call me stupid, but i’ve always been told that you can’t center the contents of an unordered list as used in the footer menu for many websites (maybe that goes to show that many people don’t know what they’re on about?) the solution just popped into my head – try it for your self! styles: #footer{text-align:center;list-style:none} #footer li{display:inline} HTML...

Internet Security: Browzar – the portable web browser that secures your privacy


There’s (yet another) web browser in town, this time, instead of being feature packed, it has most popular features stripped out of it. Why? Because its main function is to allow you to surf the net when you’re out and about without leaving tracks on the host computer. So theres no cookies, no history, no auto fill, no… well pretty much anything apart from bare bones web surfing...

Web Design Tip : Design it all on one page


Heres a handy tip that has saved me hours of to-ing and fro-ing. When you’re putting together a website from content supplied (content not home page) do it all in one page using H1 tags (or whatever you feel is appropriate) to separate the capsules of content (pages) create all the navigation inline, stack the content on top of each other and create all the forms to create ONE VERY LONG...

Google Writely – an online colaboration tool


You may or may not know that Google recently released its online version of MS Word called Writely to run along side its recent launch of Google Spreadsheet. At first glance it looks impressive with all the standard features you’d expect… but one thing has simply blown me out of the water, yes, I am THAT impressed! You can authorise other Writely users to edit your document in real...

Net Neutrality for Business


Theres been a lot of talk, mainly in the USA, about Net Neutrality. For those of you who dont know what I’m on about I will explain. The big ISP’s which we all use to access the Internet, want to have the right to divert our surfing to sites that they are affiliated with. For business this means that if a widget company affiliates its self with an ISP then all traffic about widgets...

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