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Download Aprils Windows 8.1 Update Early

windows 8.1 update

The latest round of updates to Microsoft Windows 8.1 have been leaked online. These updates augment the previous Windows 8.1 update adding search into the live tile (metro) view and making it easier to turn off the machine amongst a host of other tweaks and changes designed to tailor the experience of mouse or touchscreen users. These updates have to be installed in a particular order: KB2919442...

Goodbye Yellow Box – New Adwords Design Hides Paid Ads

New adwords ui

Found by Jack, our newest member of the Blue Logic Digital team, the following screenshot compares the standard Adwords viability with a new design that hides paid adds so they’re the same style and format as the organic listings with only a micro format style snippet distinguishing between the two. My thoughts are i don’t like it. It makes the organic listings way too wordy and with...

List of All Dmoz Directory Pages

dmoz directories

If you’re a big fan of industry specific directories then you know tracking them down can be a major pain. To help and as a bit of a Christmas gift to all of the zero budget SEO’s and link builders out there I thought i’d put together a quick post listing all of the directory categories on the popular website for you to use.
Theres 100 of them.

Solved: WordPress adding -2 to URL Slug

wordpress /categories/

I’ve just been working through a new SEO clients website and tried to fix a bug with their content which was caused by a non-standard custom WordPress theme. I deleted the offending page then used the Google cache: search operator to pull back the original content and created a new page which in this case was called ‘Huddersfield’. When I created the new page i noticed that the...

Google Synonyms in 2013 Now the Tilde is Gone

google synonyms

With the advent of Google Hummingbird and hints at a patent that outlines how it works based on synonyms I thought it about time I got back on the wagon and started blogging again. What are Google Synonyms and why does Hummingbird use them? Synonyms are a different word that means the same thing. In Google’s world this could be something as simple as prefixes or suffixes to a word i.e...

Remove /categories/ from WordPress URL’s

wordpress /categories/

I’m in the process of setting up, a website dedicated to one page website design which I believe is great for SEO and makes designers think long and hard about how information interacts as opposed to leaving a rectangular space for text content… any way i digress. On the install of this theme using the excellent Moon Themes Post theme for WordPress, I encountered a...

How to use Twitter as a one on one sales tool


A recent visit to a client brought up the question  “what is this Twitter thing and how can we use it?” I answered “that’s a big question” and proceeded to talk about a-typical scenarios such as content aggregation, automation and campaign based community management. The conversation went on and we talked about a myriad of things. In the end the client revealed that...

How to create a paypal payment or donation link


Working on, I encountered a client who wanted to give users the ability to make a donation. A simple enough task if you want to use PayPal’s button maker, but not so great if you want it to be a straight link, or a link around a custom button. Doing this is easy if you want the donation to be a variable amount. Simply use the following code: <a href=” ACCOUNT EMAIL...

Law firms & SEO – How to beat the referral fee ban


There’s a massive issue on the horizon, one that will see many small law firms go out of business is action is not taken. The name of this menace is the referral fee ban which comes into place in 2013. If you search on Google for a legal keyword i.e. ‘accident claims’ then chances are that the majority of the page one results for this phrase are claims management companies...

Buy Windows 8 Cheap – Tip wait until 26 Oct


OK so i nicked this deal off of but as seen on the official website, if you pre-order Windows 8, you’ll have to pay the full price of £39.99 however the little disclaimer accompanying this price states that if you wait until after October the 26th, you will be able to buy windows 8 at the knock down price of £24.99. that’s a massive saving! Check...

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