Excel Tip – Trim URL’s to just Domain (Root)

If you use OSE or some other tool (majestic, link diagnosis) for back link analysis then you probably have issues with listing information concisely.

16 March. 2012 1 min read

Category List from the Google Adwords Keyword Tool

I’m looking into how content can be categorised and as a start i decided to strip out a list of categories from the Google Adwords Keyword Tool… which was a much more laborious task than i first imagined. Below you will find the basic list grouped by top level category. I will add more structure to this listng in the

01 May. 2011 45 mins read

iPod Dock Reviews – Wired/Wireless & Bluetooth Speakers for Under £100

This is an update to the unfinished post from last year where i used online reviews to identify the best ipod dock for under £100 as part of my researching a gift for my GF’s Christmas present. Today sees this post updated (she decided she didn’t want one last year but wants one this year… women!) with not only new

28 October. 2010 2 mins read

Mass Bulk Ping Tool – Why And How To Ping Content Online

By having your link building efforts indexed and attributed by Google you can accelerate the results achieved from your efforts. The problem to date (at least for me) has been how to achieve this. Sure you can link to your links from authority blogs but what if you have a hundred or so links to ping?

26 October. 2010 2 mins read

Magento Ecommerce on Heart Internet Installation Guide

Installing the Magento ecommerce platform on Heart Internet is a complete pig of a thing to do. However I’ve discovered some great tutorials and tips to make sure your installation goes smoothly:

16 June. 2010 2 mins read

Dofollow Social Bookmarking List

Welcome to my big ass social bookmarking list. Can I open this content by firstly saying... I NEED YOUR HELP TO VALIDATE THIS INFORMATION. The aim of this page is to get your asisstance in validating the information below, adding the qualifying information for each bookmarking site (PageRank, MozRank, Alexa Rank, Do Follow, Link Type [Anchor Text or Url], Notes, Country of

28 March. 2010 29 mins read

Link Building in Italian using Social Bookmarking Profiles

I’m in the process of thinking of ways to build links to a site that sells globally. A big part of this is building links from foreign language sites so as a first step I’ve chosen to repeat my past experiments in social bookmarking using sites that are specifically geared towards specific languages.

15 February. 2010 2 mins read

PHP Canonical URL Script

On a recent project we had multiple duplicates of product detail pages mainly due to querystrings setting the sizes of the products. To combat this I decided to use the new Canonical REL URL tag now supported by Google, Yahoo and MSN and thought that if you’re experiencing the same issue that you’d appreciate this elegant solution to your own

23 February. 2009 1 min read

CSS Center Unordered List UL/LI Based Menu

Call me stupid, but i’ve always been told that you can’t center the contents of an unordered list as used in the footer menu for many websites (maybe that goes to show that many people don’t know what they’re on about?) the solution just popped into my head – try it for your self!

28 September. 2006 1 min read
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