Hi there, My Name, if you haven’t guessed it already is Mark Rushworth. Check my CV for a detailed history of where I’ve worked and my achievements.

A Personal History

I’ve been working professionally within digital media since 1998 and have pretty much done it all. Back in 1998, there were no SEO agencies so after graduating with a degree in ‘new media’, I started my career working freelance for a small IT company. Right off the bat, I managed to net some pretty big clients working for a PLC who held a group of websites and a radio station who needed new websites and information design. Even back then there was a massive need for SEO with everyone wanting to be top for their keywords on Yahoo, Altavista & Lycos etc. I’m pretty happy to say that even back then with ‘Meta Tag’ optimisation, I managed to snag a few top spots on these global search engines which needless to say, made some small clients very profitable for a while.

Around 9 months into my freelance career it was clear that there was money to be made, so I teamed up with a web developer and sales manager and set up our own company. Things went OK for a while until our sales manager left mysteriously without notice. At this point I put on the suit and took this aspect of the business on. So for a while my job description consisted of:

  • Creative Director
  • Sales Manager
  • Account Manager
  • Project Manager
  • Brand Manager
  • SEO Manager
  • Web Designer
  • Web Developer
  • Flash Developer
  • Graphic Designer
  • Video Director
  • Video Editor
  • Email Marketing Exec

The SEO Team You Need!

I work as Technical (SEO) Account manager for a UK top 5 Digital Marketing Agency who in turn handle campaigns for some of the UK's largest high street brands. Our approach is to use a broad range of on-page analysis and Link Building techniques to holistically build high quality traffic to your website.

Call me today on 07719181166 for free, honest and open advice about your online projects or email markrush@gmail.com.


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