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    Anker Soundbuds Tag Unboxing & Review

    anker soundbuds tag

    Disclaimer: this is NOT a sponsored post and created of my own volition. With my new Google Pixel 2 XL on order and expected in the next 30 days which feels like forever when you’re in the midst of techno-lust, i’ve had to succumb to the lack of a headphone jack and invest in a […] More

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    Google Pixel 2 XL Will Not Use eSim Says EE

    Will the Google Pixel 2 XL use Google new eSim technology? Find out this and more in another great instalment of Mark talks tech #lol. So I’m expecting delivery of my shiny new panda stylee Google Pixel 2 XL on the 15th of November having got 20% off my tariff using an NHS discount code. […] More

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    Get the Best Samsung Note 8 Deal & Save 30% Off Your Contract

    Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post. My 2 years are up and i’m now looking to upgrade my phone from the trusty old Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ to something shiny and new. One such contender is the Samsung Note 8 which is another large screen phone with a beautiful high resolution, high contrast IPS […] More

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    .help TLD Domain Name Registrations are a SCAM!

    TL;DR new .help TLD domain names are a fucking scam! I buy domains and hosting from Heart Internet and for the past 10 years they’ve delivered a pretty good service allowing me unlimited domains, bandwidth and hosting for a fixed monthly fee From time to time I indulge a flight of fancy and register domains […] More

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    Zero Following on Twitter

    zero twitter followers

    If you’ve been following my antics for the past 18 years you may remember a post back in 2012 titled HOW TO BUILD OVER 12000 FOLLOWERS FOR FREE AND WHY YOU SHOULDN’T DO THIS. Needless to say during this insane period i actually got to 70k followers which pretty much made Twitter useless. Pro tip […] More

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    A Lad and His Dad

    a lad and his dad

    Back in January my Son Flynn Alexander was born. As with all new parents i was wholly unprepared for his arrival and the subsequent 9 months of him dominating our lives. To document his development and hopefully provide insights for other soon-to be or existing parents i’ve started putting together a new website called A […] More

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    Google’s Official SEO Ranking Factors Exposed

    In an effort to stay out of the black, move away from the grey and stick to white hat SEO, I’ve put together a list of ‘official’ Google SEO ranking factors for 2016. Each ‘official’ ranking factor is backed by either commentary or patents registered with Google and reflects only techniques known to deliver a […] More

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    Finding a Digital Marketing Job at 40

    OK I have to confess that i’m actually 39 and not 40 but as its only months away and it made for a more dramatic title I went for the big four-oh. A month ago I found myself made redundant. It came as a bit of a shock but was not unexpected for a number […] More

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