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If you’ve been following my antics for the past 18 years you may remember a post back in 2012 titled HOW TO BUILD OVER 12000 FOLLOWERS FOR FREE AND WHY YOU SHOULDN’T DO THIS. Needless to say during this insane period i actually got to 70k followers which pretty much made Twitter useless.
Pro tip for large account owners – make use of Twitter Lists or mass muting using tools like They’re the only way to make sense of the chaos.

Over the years ive been slowly weeding out inactive accounts which was a pretty painful process as you’re typically capped at the number of unfollows you can do per day.

This weekend on i noticed a Google Chrome widget that allows you to bulk unfollow everyone. So i decided to bite the bullet (as my dad would say) and zero my following number.

The process wasn’t perfect and left around 2000 people still being followed for some reason so breaking out i proceeded to manually click click click my way to zero followers.

At present Twitter is pretty quiet.

I don’t plan to leave it live this but for now and loving the order. Lets see how many of my 33k followers i have left after the end of this.

Written by Mark Rushworth

With over 14 years experience in online design and marketing I, like many others, began my professional life as a web designer before realising my talent for digital marketing. This I have pursued as my primary career focus since 2007. Since then Ive worked across all sectors for clients big and small delivering the best bang for your buck.

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