Using ChatGPT and Bard to create an AI Press Release

Although i work in digital marketing i have never been responsible for creating a press release so i thought what better way to test AI Chatbot capabilities than to give it a try.

Having played with ChatGPT and Bard for a while now I find the best approach is to be itterative. This means asking the chatbot to refine its answers if it isnt what you are expecting.

One pro tip when using AI is to finish any request with “before you start ask me any questions you have to deliver the best response.

I started the task with the prompt “i have launched a website showcasing the largest collection of vintage timex watches. write a press release to help me promote it. before you start ask me questions to make sure you give the best response”

This caused the chatbot to ask the following questions:

  1. Website Name: What is the name of your website where the vintage Timex watches are showcased?
  2. Collection Size: How many vintage Timex watches do you currently have in your collection?
  3. Unique Features: What sets your collection apart from other vintage Timex watch collections?
  4. Expertise: Do you have any experts or collectors involved in curating or authenticating the watches?
  5. Website Highlights: Are there any specific features or sections on your website that you would like to highlight in the press release? (e.g., interactive galleries, historical information, rare finds, etc.)
  6. Launch Date: When did you officially launch the website?
  7. Target Audience: Who is your primary target audience? Is it watch enthusiasts, collectors, historians, or the general public?
  8. Future Plans: Do you have any exciting plans for the website’s future, such as expanding the collection or adding new features?

I answered all of these questions and got a fairly good response which i won’t post here because i may use it in the future 😉

The finished piece didnt have the phrases i wanted to include so i asked the bot to “make the focus of the piece the website having the largest collection, include references to it being an online museum”

This delivered a great piece. It was playful, covered all of the hooks i wanted to include and with a bit of tweaking was ready for submission.

I then asked the AI chatbot to build a distribution list. “what are the top 100 watch blogs and horology magazines that this press release should be submitted to, also do you have any email addresses i can use for a distribution list?”

The bot gave me a selection of websites but was far off the 100 mark. Instead, i turned to various top lists online to compile a distribution list. Unfortunately the AI chatbots were unable to give me email addresses for these sites. I did ask the bot to give me a list of the top 100 watch journalists and was given the names of 5 people and their credentials. So i guess that AI isnt great at building media lists.

Ive already had a few hits who have asked me to create some bespoke content for their websites and theres talk of me being on a podcast! Stay tuned for this and other exciting announcements LOL.