Thin Content and Content Enrichment

Having quickly populated with all of the technical data around each watch i waited patiently for the organic rankings to appear.

The results so far have been as expected with pages ranking page 2+ of’s organic search results. (Im targeting the US as the largest market and a benchmark).

I am all too aware that thin content will hold back the entire website so step 1 was to audit the website and identify all content with low word counts that were 1 click deep into the website. This is the content that will be most effective. It covers all of the categories, resources and 60 key products that have been stickied to the home page.

Everything else has been canonicalled to a parent category to stop it from holding back performance until i have time to enrich them.

I worked through products first as it is likely that these stickied posts will get the most engagement. These pages already had a list of technical specifications. To enrich this content i first described the product in great detail covering materials, movements, design and features. I then added to any insights i could think of about each piece including any specifics to open and service the piece, known issues and any connections with celebrities etc. This all aids in the description being impartial which is something Google looks for within its EEAT guidelines.