12 April, 2018 #SEO

Taking your Mobile Friendly SEO Audit to the Next Level

On March 26th 2018 Google announced the systemic roll out of their mobile first index. This means that instead of crawling and cataloging your lovingly crafted desktop website, they’re now looking at the (responsive) mobile website that your web developers tacked onto the end of the project and probably rushed out over the course of a couple of days.

For the SEO industry the mobile first index is another paradigm shift in strategy.

We now need to factor in audits of your website friendliness which are typically conducted at page level using Googles Mobile Friendly Test toolkit and Google PageSpeed Insights due to the later now being an official ranking factor.

Needless to say producing a mobile friendly audit for SEO is time consuming and to be honest, very boring.

To speed things up i use URLProfiler (no affiliation – and strangely a non secure domain at the time of publication. C’mon guys!), a paid tool that does this and much more.

To start:

  1. Buy a copy of the software (you wont regret it)
  2. Get your API key from Google
  3. Add the key via Accounts > Google > Google PageSpeed APIPageSpeed 3
  4. Right click on the URL List panel and import/paste a list of URLs to check. You can get this from ScreamingFrog (Paid – no affiliation), Microsoft SEO Toolkit (Free – Windows only, no affiliation) or if you’re old-school Xinu Link Sleuth (Free – Windows only, no affiliation)PageSpeed 4
  5. If you leave all the speed settings for the application as the defaults Google will very quickly start throwing capture codes your way which on a big website is a nightmare. To combat this adjust the speed settings in URLProfiler Settings > Connections > Maximum Current
  6. Connections > Check Turn Off Automated Connection Optimisation, set the connections to 1 and the Connection Timeout to 20 seconds and press Apply to save the changes.PageSpeed 6
  7. In the main interface select Mobile Friendly an Mobile PageSpeed in the interface.PageSpeed 7
  8. Now select Run Profiler

Go and make yourself a cup of tea, go out, spend the weekend at a friends depending on how many pages you’re checking and when you come back URLProfiler should have finished and have a spreadsheet ready containing all of the insights from PageSpeed Insights and Mobile Friendly Test along side the individually linked URLs for reach page should your developer need the extra information.

Happy auditing.

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