30 October, 2013 #SEO #web-design

Solved: WordPress adding -2 to URL Slug

I’ve just been working through a new SEO clients website and tried to fix a bug with their content which was caused by a non-standard custom WordPress theme. I deleted the offending page then used the Google cache: search operator to pull back the original content and created a new page which in this case was called ‘Huddersfield’. When I created the new page i noticed that the URL slug was set to /huddersfield-2/. I tried to edit it back to just /huddersfield/ and it reverted to the -2 suffixed slug.

This is usually caused by a page existing already having the same slug however in this case I had deleted the page from within the WordPress control panel.

Needless to say it drove me nuts!

However I have the solution – although you have deleted the file is still within the WordPress Trash folder.

Simply delete this file by emptying the trash and go back to your document where you will not be able to remove -2 from the slug.

Its easy when you know how.

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