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My 2 years are up and i’m now looking to upgrade my phone from the trusty old Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ to something shiny and new. One such contender is the Samsung Note 8 which is another large screen phone with a beautiful high resolution, high contrast IPS screen and a good camera.

Researching new phone contract deals are always a time consuming activity for me as i currently average 40gb in data use each month which puts my needs outside the scope of many providers who are typically capped at 20gb or less.

A Bad Deal

Searching around the web on sites like carphonewarehouse and uswitch i can see few note 8 deals that give me anywhere what i need which as usual leaves me with offers from my current provider, three.

To date the best contract deals on the note 8 that suit my need is:

  • The Samsung Note 8
  • 100gb of data
  • for £64 per month with a deposit of £79

This seems expensive as being budget concious i try to keep my monthly phone costs to under £50.

Getting a Great Deal

The last time i hunted for mobile phone deals i chose to split the purchase of a phone (financed via giffgaff) and the sim contract which i kept with three for the princely sum of £17 per month both of these came in at an equivalent contract of £45 per month.

Looking for the Note 8 i discovered that you can buy the sim-free phone on finance direct from Samsung for just £32.58 per month with a deposit of £86.90.

When combined with my current sim contract offering unlimited data with three this means i’d get a great deal on the Samsung note 8 for just £49.58 per month (excluding deposit) saving me a massive 29% off the lesser combined deal offered at three.

Will I buy the Note 8?

I’m not set on the Galaxy Note 8 as yet as i want to have this, the LG V30 and whatever the Google Pixel XL2 ends up being in my hand for a comparison before making any commitment. Still if you’re hunting for the best deal on a note 8 you may want to consider this approach for yourself.

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