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Remove /categories/ from WordPress URL’s

I’m in the process of setting up onepagerage.com, a website dedicated to one page website design which I believe is great for SEO and makes designers think long and hard about how information interacts as opposed to leaving a rectangular space for text content… any way i digress.

On the install of this theme using the excellent Moon Themes Post theme for WordPress, I encountered a problem. all categories were prefixed with the folder /categories/ making the url structure of the site 2 folders deep from the get go. Needless to say I wanted to find an elegant solution that wouldn’t mean hacking code or using a plugin.

The fix is simple and effective:

categories Remove /categories/ from Wordpress URLs

in Settings>Permalinks>Category Base enter /. (slash full stop) and click on save.

Voila… all categories are now presented like pages in the sites root!

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