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AOL’s Free Anti-Virus Software


Everyone likes it when you get something for nothing. Well AOL (man I cant believe it I’m actually praising AOL for something) is giving away a free anti virus software backed by well known software provider Kaspersky. It is said to update its self every hour which means that the chances of you obtaining a new virus and it not being found until you next do a thorough scan have been...

Small Project Web Design Process (In an ideal world)


I was recently asked to create a web design quote template for Nemark, a Doncaster based web design and development company specialising in SME web design. Part of this brief was to create a diagram charting the processes involved in an a-typical web design, with the hope that it will allow Nemark to lock clients into this process and avoid the drip feeing of content and the massive delays and...

How To Reduce Spam Email


Here are 10 top tips to reduce spam in your email in-box. Delete/turn off your catch-all Catch-all’s are generic mail boxes that collect all email not being sent to a named account. The up-side of catch-alls is that if someone spells an email address correctly then you still have a chance to access the message. The down side is that automated mailers send emails to

Anti-Virus Software – Buying the Illusion of Security


Do you own a virus killer? Has it ever let you down? Chances are that both are true so if you’ve bought some anti virus software, why do you still get viruses? The answer is that the anti virus software is always out of date with new viruses popping into existence continually… so if you’re not buying virus protection what are you buying? The answer is simple: The illusion of...

Why everything is JUMBO in web 2.0


It’s a common theme, every design thats supposedly web2.0 is jumbo, large fonts, big boxed lots of space and I think I’ve figured out why. Designers use souped up PC’s working at high resolutions in order to fit multiple applications on the screen at one time. the up shot of this is that when designing, fonts and elements need to be larger to appear clear at these high...

Firefox Slow?


Firstly I have to say that I used to love firefox, with a few tweaks like stackable tool-bars it used to beat other browsers hands down. With this latest version i’ve noticed a massive change in speed… it’s SO SLOW! you click to enter text into the address bar and have to wait a few seconds for the carat to move, clicking between tabs is annoyingly slow and it seems to pause for...

No Need for VNC


I’ve been compiling a CD for a friend wanting to expand their knowledge of MS Windows enhancements after completing a PC Build & Networking course at college (Hi Neil). I thought that VNC, the popular remote desktop application would be worth a try… unfortunately its slow… However, I have discovered that MS Windows XP has remote desktop capabilities built in. So if...

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