My Worst Nightmare – Mark’s Database Got Deleted

The last 24 hours have been really nasty. I accidentally deleted several key files including the Microsoft Access database from and my host, Fasthosts were unable to provide me with a backup as they’re “only for internal use only”.

This means I’ve had to start again from scratch.

Luckily Google has cached most of my content so I have been able to scrape much of it back (despite Google thinking I’m an automated process and freezing me out every so often), so expect a resurection soon.

I was planning to move from BPBlog to WordPress in April when my hosting renewal was due so I guess its just brought forwards the time-frame for this. I’m also in the process of moving hosts from Fasthosts to Heart Internet who will provide me with a better service and more of pretty much anything for around £15 per month less than Fasthosts so they’ve lost a good, long standing customer.

The hosting move also means I can accelerate my experiments in Affiliate marketing with which I was netting around £70 per month in unexpected income which is nice so expect more posts on this.

I haven’t managed to keep any of the comments so my apologies there, however this blog, like the last one will be do follow friendly so I’m continuing the link love in exchange for good quality feedback and questions.

Thats all for now.


Written by Mark Rushworth

With over 14 years experience in online design and marketing I, like many others, began my professional life as a web designer before realising my talent for digital marketing. This I have pursued as my primary career focus since 2007. Since then Ive worked across all sectors for clients big and small delivering the best bang for your buck.


  1. Sucks dude. If I can be of any assistance at all just let me know. At least WordPress has a backup plugin which hopefully will safeguard you against this happening again. Still sucks though! Good luck bud.

  2. Where did the blog go dude?

    If you need any help migrating from your old one to WP let me know and I’ll try and help.



    • It’s a fucking nightmare mate… I deleted the mdb file off the server by mistake and the host wont provide a backup :(

      I’m going through Google Cache and trying to scrape off as much of the old content as possible… if only Google wouldn’t trap me every few hours for being an ‘automated process’ :(

      I was planning to move to WordPress at some point in April anyway so have done things early… and as usual, the difficult way :(

      I’ll start reposting tonight and hopefully get all of the content back online as quickly as possible.

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