15 February, 2010 #SEO

Link Building in Italian using Social Bookmarking Profiles

I’m in the process of thinking of ways to build links to a site that sells globally. A big part of this is building links from foreign language sites so as a first step I’ve chosen to repeat my past experiments in social bookmarking using sites that are specifically geared towards specific languages.

As always I’m interested in your feedback so if you have any sites to add IN THIS SPECIFIC LANGUAGE ONLY then please add a comment and I’ll review the site and add it in if applicable.

List of Italian Social Bookmarking Sites

Example Followed Anchor Type
blocnum.com/user.php?login=divani dofollow url profile
indice.it/user.php?login=divani dofollow url profile
kligg.org/user.php?login=divani dofollow url profile
pubblicanews.it/user.php?login=divani dofollow url profile
rankalo.net/user.php?login=divani dofollow url profile
sugiu.it/user.php?login=divani dofollow url profile
squic.com/user.php?login=divani dofollow url profile
digo.it/user/view/profile/login/divani dofollow url profile
articolista.it/user.php?login=divani dofollow url profile
bitacoras.com/usuario/divani pending review
ghenghe.com/user/profile/divani/ dofollow url profile
diggita.it dofollow url digg post
upnews.it/user/view/profile/divani dofollow url profile
pligg.it/user/profile/divani/ dofollow url profile


Firstly, the Google toolbar with its translate function is your best guide to doing this.

  1. Visit google.it
  2. Check the radio button that says Italian Results Only
  3. Perform searches like ‘social bookmarks’ or ‘social bookmarking’
  4. Make a list
  5. Visit each site
  6. Register using your keyword as a username
  7. Validate
  8. Complete your profiles including a large descriptive text with keywords dropped into it
  9. Look around the site for blog posting or article submission possibilityes
  10. Add your articles swapping out the english keywords for your native language ones
  11. Keep a log of dofollows etc
  12. If you encounter any dofollow Delicious style social bookmarking services and bookmark your native language pages (dont forget to update these as you go along)

Thanks all -Enjoy. And if you know of any other good dofollow foreign language specific social bookmarking sites then please let me know.

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