1. Hadi   •  


    Any idea what ranking factors blekko uses in its search results?

    I’ve got clients who are near the top of page 1 on google and nowhere on Blekko.

    Blekko also seems to be missing loads of inbound links compared to link reports on webmaster tools, etc.

    • Mark Rushworth   •     Author

      I have no idea – luckily i rank well in both Google and Blekko lolz.

      Its worth investigating tho! Let me look into it.

  2. John   •  

    This tool is very useful, with so many sites under construction, its such a benefit to understand what the seo analysis is.

  3. Adam Leyton   •  

    This is great!

    What I really like is the simplicity of it, especially for a relative newcomer and SEO novice.

    • Mark Rushworth   •     Author

      Yeah its great – like an onion i keep unravelling new features and reports… tho the link counts dont seem to be consistent between reports which is annoying.

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