The Hidden SEO Tool

Just discovered a nice feature of the Blekko search engine. It gives you a really nice report on links etc for SEO when you do a search for your domain with a trailing /seo tag i.e. /seo

Which looks like:


It gives a link quality score for your inbound links, anchor text usage, links per domain and a host of additional info… its really nice!

5 thoughts on “The Hidden SEO Tool

    1. Yeah its great – like an onion i keep unravelling new features and reports… tho the link counts dont seem to be consistent between reports which is annoying.

  1. This tool is very useful, with so many sites under construction, its such a benefit to understand what the seo analysis is.

  2. Mark

    Any idea what ranking factors blekko uses in its search results?

    I’ve got clients who are near the top of page 1 on google and nowhere on Blekko.

    Blekko also seems to be missing loads of inbound links compared to link reports on webmaster tools, etc.

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