26 April, 2018 #SEO

Google Latest PageRank Patent & What It Means for SEO


I’ve been saying it for years and despite the naysayers, Google PageRank is alive and well and more important than ever for SEO due to the latest patent.

Bill Slawski blogger on seobythesea.com has discovered a new (approved) patent for Google’s PageRank algorithm that seems particularly important from a link building /outreach perspective and could be why PR is so effective.

In summary (i think) it suggests that google has a shortlist of “seed” websites which is uses as an anchor for topical relevancy in a market.

This new PageRank patent states that your websites link-distance to the seed-site is a measure of its trustworthiness.

So building links from the Seed site or from websites that are linked from a seed site should be a goal for any link builder.

This is what PR style outreach is great at however many of these links are to a websites home page and not a deep page within the website. If you’re into online PR you might want to look into that when discussing pieces with journalists.

From a blogger outreach perspective i would advise:

  1. Identify high authority sites in your niche (DA or ranks widely for related topics? High DA links to brands?)
  2. Using screamingfrog.com or another link auditing tool, find the websites that the Seed website links out to
  3. Check these sites for opportunity (Do they accept editorial? Do they have high DA? Do they rank for related topics? Do they get traffic?)
  4. Follow your standard outreach process.

At least that’s my take on it.

Will you be adapting your SEO outreach strategies to take into account the new PageRank patent from Google?

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