A Lad and His Dad

a lad and his dad

Back in January my Son Flynn Alexander was born. As with all new parents i was wholly unprepared for his arrival and the subsequent 9 months of him dominating our lives. To document his development and hopefully provide insights for other soon-to be or existing parents i’ve started putting together a new website called A Lad and His Dad where you can all poke fun at our bumbling. To start...

Finding a Digital Marketing Job at 40


OK I have to confess that i’m actually 39 and not 40 but as its only months away and it made for a more dramatic title I went for the big four-oh. A month ago I found myself made redundant. It came as a bit of a shock but was not unexpected for a number of reasons I won’t go into. This meant that once again I was back on the market and in need of work. This was made more urgent in...

Harron Homes Review & Complaints


This post is going to be amended as we progress through buying our Tiverton/Windsor from Harron Homes. For the record this is the first time I’ve moved home, having bought my current house 15 years ago straight out of university. Needless to say a lot has changed. Disclaimer: Apart from my buying a new build home from Harron Homes I am in no way affiliated with their marketing. This is my...

A Big Fancy Dress Thanks to Girly Night Out


its no joke that Halloween has been killing me. For weeks now I’ve been struggling around cramped fancy dress costume shops feeling ever more claustrophobic as each day passed without any success. As a big chap, finding fancy dress is always a challenge for me with many of the costumes looking ridiculous on my tall, rotund frame. It seems obvious to me now, however at the time the two...

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I work as Technical (SEO) Account manager for a UK top 5 Digital Marketing Agency who in turn handle campaigns for some of the UK's largest high street brands. Our approach is to use a broad range of on-page analysis and Link Building techniques to holistically build high quality traffic to your website.

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