Google Pixel 2 XL Will Not Use eSim Says EE


Will the Google Pixel 2 XL use Google new eSim technology? Find out this and more in another great instalment of Mark talks tech #lol. So I’m expecting delivery of my shiny new panda stylee Google Pixel 2 XL on the 15th of November having got 20% off my tariff using an NHS discount code. This leaves my contract at £54 per month with £9.99 deposit on the phone… and I get a free Google...

Get the Best Samsung Note 8 Deal & Save 30% Off Your Contract


Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post. My 2 years are up and i’m now looking to upgrade my phone from the trusty old Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ to something shiny and new. One such contender is the Samsung Note 8 which is another large screen phone with a beautiful high resolution, high contrast IPS screen and a good camera. Researching new phone contract deals are always a time consuming...

EE Osprey 4G MiFi Review


If you’ve been reading my blog then you know that I recently moved into a new build house. Despite having broadband on order and due for an installation only days after moving in due to infrastructure issues on the site i still don’t have any internet connection three months later. This has lead to desperate action. I’ve been researching different ways to provide WIFI throughout...

List of JQuery material design elements


I predict that there’s going to be a rush on JQuery elements around the interactivity described in Google’s Material Design ethos. This page contains a running list of Javascript effects and tools needed to replicate the elements shown in Google’s design framework. Button Feedback Part of the Material Design ethos involves adding a ripple effect or ‘ping’ to buttons...

Get Android L features on your phone today

android l roboto font

Update: Added Heads Up, ART, Ring Tones There’s no doubt about it that Android L and Google’s new ‘Material Design’ ethos is the most exciting thing to happen over the past few weeks. If you’ve got a Nexus phone or tablet PC and you want all of the Android L features available then you can simply download the developer preview to start your transformation. But if...

OK Google now works from any screen even when your phone is locked

ok google

As with several other things this amazing update for android just missed the release at Google’s latest I/O event and its one thing i’ve been waiting for Android to include as stock after the Motorola X phone was launched a year or so ago. You might be wondering what I’m prattling on about and it’s something that is set to change SEO (my day job) and keyword research and...

Buy Windows 8 Cheap – Tip wait until 26 Oct


OK so i nicked this deal off of but as seen on the official website, if you pre-order Windows 8, you’ll have to pay the full price of £39.99 however the little disclaimer accompanying this price states that if you wait until after October the 26th, you will be able to buy windows 8 at the knock down price of £24.99. that’s a massive saving! Check...

Fix error 3194 when updating your iPhone to iOS6


iOS6 for the iPhone was released today so i fully expected to be able to update my iPhone 4s to the new operating system. I updated iTunes to the latest version, backed up my phone, transferred purchases and did a second backup to iCloud before downloading and installing the iOS6 update. To my dismay, after downloading and unpacking the update iTunes popped up an error 3194 message saying my...

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