ok google

OK Google now works from any screen even when your phone is locked

As with several other things this amazing update for android just missed the release at Google’s latest I/O event and its one thing i’ve been waiting for Android to include as stock after the Motorola X phone was launched a year or so ago. You might be wondering what I’m prattling on about and it’s something that is set to change SEO (my day job) and keyword research and this game change is…. OK Google now works on any screen and within any app, even when your mobile

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material design

Android L & Material Design Just Made App UI/UX Easy

Announced at today’s I/O conference was a full and stunningly detailed guide to designing cross platform apps for next generation mobile, tablet and desktop PC which Google calls Android L. I have to say that I’m completely blown away by it.

Even taken as purely a guide to the why’s of design its inspirational touching on a full graphical communication and interaction strategy. Add to this information on layout, typography, animation and what you’ve got is a takeaway set

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content marketing

Content Marketing strategies that go beyond calendar events

Content Marketing is fast becoming a cornerstone of a traditional SEO campaign and there are plenty of ways of approaching the subject that have been covered exhaustively before however one thing remains elusive to many content marketing n00bs and that’s how to design and plan an effective marketing calendar.

Sure, you can look through Wikipedia’s data pages and find local and national holidays and events… you might even get some help from a client who is attending trade shows

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Web design jobs

Web Design Jobs Leeds

Want more money? Want the time to produce great work? Looking for a change of pace? Want to be supported by team members and management?

We’re always looking for talented graphic/web designers so why not apply for our latest web design job today?

The job

Based in Thorner (north Leeds) Blue Logic Digital (www.bluelogicdigital.co.uk) are looking for highly creative graphic designers to join our web design team. Working with a junior designer you will be responsible for creating beautiful websites, mobile

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php jobs

PHP Jobs Leeds

Are you fed up with your current job? Do you need a change of scene and/or pace? Looking to settle down and earn what you know you’re worth? Need to be supported by your management team? Want to work on interesting projects for some great brands?

We’re always looking for new talented team members. Why not apply for our PHP developer job today!

The Job

Blue Logic Digital (www.bluelogicdigital.co.uk), an up and coming digital marketing agency based in Thorner (north Leeds) are looking for a PHP

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windows 8.1 update

Download Aprils Windows 8.1 Update Early

The latest round of updates to Microsoft Windows 8.1 have been leaked online. These updates augment the previous Windows 8.1 update adding search into the live tile (metro) view and making it easier to turn off the machine amongst a host of other tweaks and changes designed to tailor the experience of mouse or touchscreen users.

These updates have to be installed in a particular order:

  • KB2919442
  • KB2919355
  • KB2932046
  • KB2937592

A full gallery of the updates can be viewed here.

New adwords ui

Goodbye Yellow Box – New Adwords Design Hides Paid Ads

Found by Jack, our newest member of the Blue Logic Digital team, the following screenshot compares the standard Adwords viability with a new design that hides paid adds so they’re the same style and format as the organic listings with only a micro format style snippet distinguishing between the two.

New Adwords Results

My thoughts are i don’t like it. It makes the organic listings way too wordy and with no link underlines is surely bad for visibility.


Blue Logic Digital Buys Coolpink

At the newly rebranded Blue Logic Digital we’ve been keeping a lid on it for the past few weeks but thanks to an entry in Prolific North we’ve finally been outed as having bought the brand and assets of our neighboring digital agency Coolpink who went into administration early in January.

Back in 1998 when I founded New Media Designs, a small digital studio based in Halifax we used to run into the Coolpink guys all of the time and seemed to constantly be pitching against and winning

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dmoz directories

List of All Dmoz Directory Pages

If you’re a big fan of industry specific directories then you know tracking them down can be a major pain. To help and as a bit of a Christmas gift to all of the zero budget SEO’s and link builders out there I thought i’d put together a quick post listing all of the directory categories on the popular dmoz.org website for you to use.

Theres 100 of them. http://www.dmoz.org/Computers/Software/Shareware/Directories/ http://www.dmoz.org/Regional/North_America/United_States/Arkansas/Education/K-12/School_Districts/<br

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wordpress /categories/

Solved: WordPress adding -2 to URL Slug

I’ve just been working through a new SEO clients website and tried to fix a bug with their content which was caused by a non-standard custom WordPress theme. I deleted the offending page then used the Google cache: search operator to pull back the original content and created a new page which in this case was called ‘Huddersfield’. When I created the new page i noticed that the URL slug was set to /huddersfield-2/. I tried to edit it back to just /huddersfield/ and it reverted

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