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Anker Soundbuds Tag Unboxing & Review

Disclaimer: this is NOT a sponsored post and created of my own volition.

With my new Google Pixel 2 XL on order and expected in the next 30 days which feels like forever when you’re in the midst of techno-lust, i’ve had to succumb to the lack of a headphone jack and invest in a pair of wireless earbuds.

My extensive research (trust me) and complete lack of budget narrowed the field quite rapidly however the friendly chaps in the Google Pixel Reddit forum pointed me in the right direction and introduced me to a piece of technology called APTX which became quite critical to my desired specification.

To cut a long story short with traditional bluetooth earbuds when you watch a video there’s a slight and by all accounts very infuriating delay between the video and audio. Qualcom’s APTX stops this from happening which gives bluetooth 4.1 devices the edge over bluetooth 5.

My search ended with a choice of earbuds by Anker all of which received glowing reviews from laypeople and audio experts alike… for the price.

The cheaper Anker Soundbuds Slim while cheaper were missing the APTX technology finally driving me to choose the Anker Soundbuds Tag


anker soundbuds tag unboxing

The box is unassuming but highlights their unique magnetically controlled on/off feature which i’ll get into later, and how they’re waterproof making them ideal for use in the GYM.

anker soundbuds tag unboxing

Inside the box there’s a multilingual setup guide, warranty card, short cable, selection of earbuds and mounts, a handy travel case and the Anker Soundbuds Tag themselves.

anker soundbuds tag

The backs of the earbuds magnetically clip together helping to avoid tangles. What’s more when clipped together they automatically switch off helping you to preserve battery life.

anker soundbuds tag

This is aided by a little nub and recess on the backs which stops them sliding around.

anker soundbuds tag controll

the controls hang down the side on a cable and don’t really bounce around that much. This controls both volume and also call functionalities. There’s a handy LED to tell you if they’re on which changes colour when charging so you know when they’re ready to use. There’s also a rubber plug covered charging port which takes a standard micro USB connection (supplied).


anker tag earbuds

In the ear (sorry for the image quality) there’s a little hook which sits inside an ear fold to keep them secure. To date i have worn them for several hours at a time without any discomfort.

Sound Quality

I typically rock studio quality (yet budget friendly) Over Ear Sennheiser HD 202s or in-ear Soundmagic E10’s when listing to music via a cabled connection so know what great audio sounds like.

Compared to the Anker Soundbuds Tag there’s a noticeable difference in quality with softer bass and tinnier high tones however for every day use and the price, the Tag’s are pretty good and if you’re not an audiophile then you’ll probably think they’re really great.

Battery Life

Battery life is great and taking them on and off throughout the day through normal use they managed to last a full 7.5 hrs. Charging is painless and the cable snaps into place with a welcomed click. As i mentioned before the notification light changes colour to red while charging and turns blue when done taking the guess work out of it. Unfortunately the cables not a fast-charge cable so no plugging into a modern flagship phone.


There’s some noticeable pings and pops that occur when connecting which can be a little jarring. I have noticed some interference from other bluetooth devices causing tracks to skip however as i work in a busy open plan office of well over 100 people i would assume this is due to a high degree of signal noise.

If you’re into running the connecting cable can be positioned behind your head and has a widget allowing you to close up the gap to stop the cable from flapping around.

As wireless headphones i’ve noticed a worrying tendency to walk around the office with them left in. However this stops me form interacting with the people around me so if you need to concentrate or are an antisocial type of person bluetooth headphones may be the way to go!

Final Verdict

For the price they’re great!

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