Social Media beyond Twitter and Facebook? Think Forums

Since my memory is so bad and as i cant navigate my massive bookmarks you’ve probably realised that i use my Blog as a way of stashing cool tools and other info. The latest set of these are a couple of tools designed to help with Social Media marketing and reputation management. In short theyre a very low-tech way of monitoring forums and BBS systems. You might also find them useful if you’re involved in traffic generation.

Anyway here they are (more for my benefit than yours lol)

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It’s official. I’m more interesting than Oprah

I’ve been playing around with the beta of and in their labs you can benchmark your Twitter account against several celebs from Justin Beiber to Shaq and more. Interestingly enough this infographic shows that i’m more interesting than Oprah! (and Britney Spears). Go get yours today.

I'm more interesting than Oprah
I'm more interesting than Oprah

2 Worthwhile Additions To Your Keyword Research Tool Kit

a few weeks ago i discovered, a great tool that scrapes suggest(ions) from the search box and extends it with alphabetised results. This is great as i find the standard Google Adwords Keyword Tool a bit too based in history and not fresh enough.

Today a new member of the team Joe introduced me to another slant on Suggest based keyword research at This service pulls results from not only Google Suggest but also Youtube and a host of other search services.

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Apologies – Comments Now Working Again

I didn’t realise it until lately, but there’s been a bug in the blog that’s stopped you from adding comments. This was due to the Enmask Captcha system which i installed to try and stop the 100 or so(no doubt) scrape box or xrumer auto generated spam comments that flood the system each day.

Everything is fixed now so as the poster says… Keep calm and carry on.

Panda Update 19th December 2011

Although Matt Cutts previously stated that there would be no ‘major’ updates to the Panda algorithm change throughout December, this didn’t stop them slipping in a minor update that occurred on the 19th Dec.

Reports that this ‘minor’ update has already affected some big sites such as JC Penny, and a host of other big name websites. So keep your eyes peeled as to their changes if you’re interested in observing how others master this change.


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