Google Local Listings Integrating with Organic & Going PPC

Ryan, one of our rockstar SEO consultants has just spent all morning writing a new BC blog post about the imminent changes in how Google displays local listings. In particular, how they’re fully integrating local listings into the organic results (no longer as a separte panel) and introducing a PPC model for the top positions. Its well worth a read and we will be following this up with details on how you can capitalise on this change in the SERPS.

iPod Dock Reviews 2010 – Best Speaker Systems for Under £100

This is an update to the unfinished post from last year where i used online reviews to identify the best ipod dock for under £100 as part of my researching a gift for my GF’s Christmas present. Today sees this post updated (she decided she didn’t want one last year but wants one this year… women!) with not only new ipod docks for 2010, but also my personal reviews from having played with them in store.

Contrary to last years post, I won’t be recommending the B&W

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Mass Bulk Ping Tool – What Is And How To Ping Online

By having your link building efforts indexed and attributed by Google you can accelerate the results achieved from your efforts. The problem to date (at least for me) has been how to achieve this. Sure you can link to your links from authority blogs but what if you have a hundred or so links to ping?

Thats where comes into play

This excellent bulk ping tool is a free alternative to paid services like the ScrapeBox blog pinger tool and pings services including:,

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How to manage client expectations in your SEO campaign

Here is a great little post for all you SEO’s out there who are having a hard time managing client expectations. Its well worth a read for both clients and SEO’s and should help both parties come to an amicable and workable campaign.

Heres some tips that I use to help manage this in the real world:

Show clients their backlink count compared to the leasing sites for each keyword (or aggregate). This helps the client to understand that theres usually a lot of work involved in getting their

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Mark Rushworth Gimped!

A few weeks back the BC team had a day out at a photo shoot. It was all fun and frolicks the end result being we wanted to avoid becoming a faceless SEO agency and add some personality into our online profiles.

If you want to see the resulting page and find out about key team members then take a look at the new BCSEO Profile Pages.

I have never looked so gimpy… and the new gravatars on the blog are WAY TOO CLOSE IN lolz.

Great News for Paid Links Buyers

About 3 months ago I had a re-shuffle on my site where i did a bit of housekeeping. This resulted in my removing lots of links to past clients in an attempt to make the blog more focused on its key topic, SEO.

3 months on most of the backlink reports produced for these sites indicate that my links are still active. If others can confirm that Google is retaining link profiles from sites where links have been removed this could be massive for those SEO’s who buy paid links. Just think about

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&pws=0 Firefox Plugin

If you’re like me and are forever apending your searches with the query string addition &pws=0 to ensure that you’re seeing googles unfiltered, unpersonalised results then you probably need this plugin.

Close Firefox, unzip it and run the EXE.

Now and forever more searches will be appended with &pws=0 automatically.


Credit Michael Duz

Google Keyword Tool Abandons Long Tail

Marty has confirmed that the ubiquatous Google Adwords Keyword Tool now no longer shows long and medium tail terms. This is pretty damaging for SEO’s who often rely on this tool for keyword research and as a way of gaining insight into a market. Luckily Marty has put together a list of alternative tools for us to use (paid and unpaid).

Guess its time to look for alternatives to long-standing Google tools as they seem to be systematically being removed from popular use.

Google SERPS Update 7 October 2010

Anyone else noticed todays SERPS change which may be limited to the UK results (unconfirmed) it seems that deep-linking has been devalued, and anchor text too. The trend seems to be more brand focused tho im having difficulty in seeing how some brand sites are ranking for some unbranded terms when the main site doesnt seem to support the keywords.

What makes a branded site?

  • Volume of searches for the brand name?
  • Click through rates to the site?

… if so what about sites where the company name is a keyword? Surely they should rock.

Expect more insight soon as i begin

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