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Is Link Propping The New Killer SEO Technique?


Theres a lot of noise within SEO circles that link propping – the act of building links to your money site’s backlink profile – is the new killer SEO technique. This is something I’ve been practicing since 2007 when I originally used social bookmarking profiles to link to key influencing links, building resources that became well respected authority sites in their own...

Auto Post RSS Into the new


Theres a great new feature in Digg that gives you the ability to automatically post entries from your blogs RSS feed into the syste.
Simply log in as usual. Go to your account settings and click on IMPORT FEED in the left hand menu. You then have to authenticate your feed by posting a new entry containing a comment and voila.

Twitter Javascript Hacked


Today popular social networking site Twitter has been (once again) hacked. This time the hack operates when you mouse-over a link that covers the entire screen area, this in turn re-tweets the hack to all of your followers. Pretty nasty (but clever) stuff. So far theyve taken down the source/varient pages because people are playing with the exploit and making things worse (I’m looking at...

Retailers Do You Need To Top of Google In Time for Christmas?


I say this every year but if you’re an online retailer and you want to maximise your return on investment (profits) over the Christmas period then you should think about hiring your SEO consultancy around now. For PPC/Adwords you can probably wait until the end of October as things are quick to change in the paid advertising markets but with organic SEO companies like BC (where I work) need...

Eight Fold Logic Linker Review


Ive recently been introduced to Eight Fold Logic Linker, a new online service that plans to match content publishers with receptive content authors. The premise is this. You have good content and the ability to generate more content for specific markets so you set up your profile outlining your websites and topic of focus. Publishers can log in and enter their respective criteria. Both parties...

New Google Patent Reopens C Class SEO Hosting Debate


Just read a post about a new Google patent that outlines Google’s efforts to determine link sources from affiliated content and decrease the weight/value of non-independent links. This reminded me of a recent conversation I had with a hosting company who spent ages trying to convince me that my request for individual c class IP addresses for my clients domain hosting was a dead technology...

My Site Went To PR 0 And Is Now Back to PR3 And What This Meant To My Daily Hits


A month or so ago this blog incurred some sort of penalty that reduced my Toolbar Pagerank to zero. This coincided with my joining BC and the paranoid’ inner child assumes this had something to do with the break from my previous company, but also could have had something to do with my adding BC links to the site and removing links to other sites that i was no longer working on. Up until now...

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