Google: We’re Sorry… (403)

Just tried a search, and verified that this is happening all over the place but when I perform a search on Google I now get the following message (403 Forbidden) “We’re sorry… for Anything I search for (originally trying to get to by simply typing ‘digg’ into Firefox’s address bar) which is quite worrying and makes me thing “just how much money are Google loosing from this issue”… It might only be a short term problem and local to

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Solar Water Heaters (Excuse the Post)

Excuse the post but I really want to get my brothers new domain indexed as quickly as possible as he’s starting a new venture selling and installing solar water heaters. Under the name ‘Solar Agent’ so here goes.

Solar Agent specialising in reducing your heating bill by approximately 40% by installing a solar water heater. Available in three variations, with finance available, installation and servicing by Corgi registered, British Gas approved heating engineers, your solar water

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PointUI – Windows Mobile Skin is Amazing

I love my O2 XDA II Mini S (wow what a mouth full) and have had it now for over 18 months. My only 3 quibbles are:

  • Battery Performance sucks – I average 2-3 days before needing to recharge
  • Camera sucks – 1.3 Mega pixel is blurry, out of focus and useless in low light
  • Windows Mobile 5 is Slooooow

Well point 3 looks like its going to be remedied pretty soon, and I dont mean Windows Mobile 7 (which probably will be too hungry for my little XDA Mini). What i am talking about is PointIU.

Most people are harping on about how PointUI is a potential iPhone killer and to be honest, I don’t think that’s too much of a challenge what with the XDA’s already having more

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