Apple MacBook Pro Review

I’ve been in a different part of the office for the last week working for the first time on a MacBook Pro. It’s the first time I’ve had to really work on a Mac for a number of years – since University in fact. I do own a Candy Mac G3 desktop which is fun to play with form time to time… however, Apples latest foray into laptops is leaving me feeling a little cold. Some things just don’t work well.

The keyboard is very unresponsive. I type heavily and even I have

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Firefox 3 Beta First Look

Just spied on Digg that there’s a new official version of Firefox out (Firefox 3 Beta).

Get Firefox 3 Beta

Here are a few of my first impressions and some issues I’ve found.

The tab scrolling is nice and smooth with some acceleration

When you open multiple tabs in Firefox 2.x you could quickly jump to loaded tabs. This feature seems a little slow in Firefox 3 Beta.

Sites like render in some weird hieroglyph? Don’t quite know what’s going on there – I’ve

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Moo Cards Just Arrived

Ordered some Moo Cards a few weeks ago in the vain hope that I’d have something to hand out at BarCamp Leeds. However, it seems that most people got there before me which kind of killed the exclusive first find of them as I thought I was being totally original in finding a new product lol.

Anyway I’m very impressed. They come in some excellent packaging and even our guest visitor Trekker from Taiwan here at was blown away by them and has taken

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Barcamp Leeds 2007 – My SEO Talk

I was really nervous about yesterdays Barcamp in Leeds as I’d been called out by The Hodge after slating his SEO presentation at a previous GeekUp and asked to co-present an SEO critique session with him. In addition it wasnt until around 8:30 yesterday morning that i realised that the event was an all day thing and not a 7pm start as GeekUp usually is which meant I had to rush to get there.

For those of you who havent been to a BarCamp yet (theres loads all over the world) its a strange

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Designing for GWT (Google Web Toolkit)… in a word, DONT!

The new web development team here at Xrio are mad keen on GWT as a development platform and as someone who’s only ever worked in .NET and ASP and based on the hype I can see why.

The only problem is that until I came along they never had to really bother about making an application look good or be particularly useable. So here’s my watch list for people daring to move into this realm:

Do get Firebug for Firefox &#8211

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